Ever wanted to know what goes into a seasonal fashion campaign??? Well, for the next few weeks we will be taking you on a step by step journey behind the scenes of our Summer Campaign!

Step #1: Research and concept generation

The first step of a seasonal campaign involved doing research on current trends and compiling a competitive analysis on international and local brands. After brainstorming amoungst the Marketing team, we came up with three theme ideas, which we took to our directors to come to a final decision on the Summer Campaign theme.


Step #2 Location search

Location, location, location! Once we decided on the theme, it was time to search through potential venues. After a few site visits, we found the perfect location! This venue had the perfect setting to execute our vision for our Summer Campaign.


Step #3 Model castings

With the theme and venue finalised, we knew the look we wanted our models to have. First, we go through a ton of portfolios from various modelling agencies, we also gave Rage staff the opportunity to audition their kids as our “junior” models for the Campaign. We then shortlist our fav’s to come in for castings – to see how they worked our summer shoes and clothing. After all the castings, we selected two stunning ladies and four beautiful girls to feature in our campaign.


Step #4 Stylist meeting

Next, we met with our creative stylist to take her through the theme of the Campaign and to show her our stunning summer collection. She then chose a few key elements to make up the looks that would fit the theme and started brainstorming on how to style the sets on the day of the shoot.


Step #5 Photography brief

With specific shots in mind, we met with our talented photographer and stylist at our super secret location to go through all the perfect spots and accessories for the shoot.


Step #6 Hair and make-up

The sixth step of our Summer Campaign involved our hair and make-up artist making our models look their best on the day of our photoshoot! The kids enjoyed getting pampered, with our ladies looking stunning and ready to work the camera! .


Step #7 Behind the scenes

The day had finally arrived for our location shoot! We were ready bright and early to make the best of the morning sun. With our positions for our shots map out and our outfits styled and ready, it was time for our beautiful model to strut her stuff! As the sun started setting, we were into our final look and wrapped up the day applauding ourselves knowing all our hard work paid off with all the stunning shots we got! .


Lights, camera, action! It was time for our studio shoot and we were prepared for a full day of shooting to get through as many looks as we could! We started off the day shooting our beautiful model and then it was time for the kids to have fun in front of the camera. By the end of the day we were all exhausted but managed to get through all of our looks so all in all it was a successful day!#ThatsAWrap .


Step #8 User testing

The eighth step of our Summer Campaign involved engaging in user testing to select our main Campaign image! After selecting our top 3 images we got our supplier to print samples to see how the image would look in the size it would be in our stores. We then had a vote amoung staff and our directors came to a final decision on the main campaign image that would go up in stores. We know you going to love the image as much as we do! .


Step #9 In store final image selection

One of the final steps of our Summer Campaign was to see how the fabric looked up in our store. After putting the image up in its frame, we were beyond happy with the end product and can’t wait for you all too see it! As we speak, our Summer Campaign images are on their way to stores.