Tips to develop your personal style

21 July, 2016

If you’re constantly daydreaming about joining in on the latest fashion trends or wondering how you can walk out the house feeling like you have some sense of style without looking like every girl on the street – although that’s a little impossible unless you make your own clothes – then this is a MUST READ for you!

Here are a couple of tips to guide you in the right direction – these are just the basics.

Find your inspiration – Have a look at some of your favourite style icons. No, not their red carpet looks, but their everyday looks and how they put together their outfits. This will help you identify which looks or items you are more drawn to and even items you know where not made with you in mind.

Understand your body type/shape – Although we’d all like to look like Boity in a tight jumpsuit, not all of our bodies are built or shaped for that. Understanding your body’s shape will help you buy clothes that will fit you properly and also enhance certain elements of your body.

Don’t be afraid to try new things – Developing a personal style will mean constantly trying out items or looks. So don’t be shy. Go on and try it on see what works. Remember that some clothes may not look too great on the rail, but a totally different story on you.

Seek advice – Ask, ask and ask some more. Getting an outside opinion on what looks good on you will serve as extra guide to discovering what really works for you. There are hundreds of fashion blogs internationally and locally that constantly dish out useful tips and tricks, read through some of them.

Be honest with yourself – While consulting fashion blogs and embarking on endless shopping sprees, remember who you are doing this for and who you are trying to please – YOU! Don’t fall into the trap of following fashion trends that’ll leave you confused and looking uncomfortable. Do you.

Be confident – Here is one element that will complete the whole look. It’s often said that a smile is your best accessory, so is confidence.